Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Slums of Murray Hill

I finally did it!!!

Farewell to the hideous sound that is my cell phone alarm telling me it's 6:30 am and i must get out of bed. Goodbye to the NJ transit, traffic, broken seats, broken reading lights, unfriendly, unbathed neighbors. Adios made-the-night-before turkey sandwich and other assorted ziplock bags full of healthy snacks. Ta-ta to pretending i'll have the energy to go to the gym, and instead laying on my couch watching The Bachelor with my mom and eating 6 servings of fro-yo.

Last weekend, i moved to a damn sexy apartment building on East 39th, otherwise known as Murray Hill. I never imagined I would end up in the area, considering my original budget only allowed me the oh so desirable possibility of becoming an inhabitant of Jersey City, Williamsburg or Harlem. As luck and my financially fortunate parents who didn't want me to live in the ghetto had it, i was able to move in with a friend of a friend to the 22nd floor of a converted 1 bedroom. Although there isn't hardly enough room in my living room to clip your toenails or do jumping jacks, my bedroom is a whole other story. I've got a big mama of a room, complete with enormous windows overlooking the East River. I've even got a full sized bed, capable of holding one, make that even 2 other people!

In recent days, i've taken to walking around my room completely naked with the shades open. I keep having this sensation that I'm on the show Friends, and that somewhere nearby, perhaps on 40th or 41st street, my neighbors are glancing through their binoculars.

"Jimmy!!! She's about to shower!"
"Which towel is she using? The yellow one or the blue?"
"Oh, she's going for the blue! She's even got the showercap tonight!"

The one teeny, tiny problem i'm experiencing...
the budget.

Before i moved in, i was all "Oh, don't even worry, Mom. I'm going to bring my lunch EVERY day, make my own coffee and purchase only happy hour priced beverages!"

So far, so untrue.

Due to my lack of willpower and my love for everything Asian, i had 1 lunch-break manicure and 3 sushi meals this week! Soon i'm going to give birth to my very own spicy tuna roll, but will be forced to give her up for adoption due to insufficient funds.

Stay tuned...