Friday, July 25, 2008

Match These Doodies!

Here's the deal.
I asked 10 of my closest friends & fam to describe their latest doodies.
Your Task - Match each one of these people up with their poops. easy!!!
Please post your answers in my comments section - the winner receives a secret prize.

PEOPLE - and YES these are their real names!!! muhahaha

1. Sarah
2. Ashley
3. Ernie
4. Hannah
5. Sharmel
6. Dan
7. Mel
8. Blaire
9. Sean

Poop Descriptions
A. firm, brown and came out in 2 parts
B. I don't even look at my shit, woman. (liar!!!! EVERYONE LOOKS!)
C. "Phantom Shit" I swear a took a shit but when i looked in the toilet, nothing was there!
D. Normal, but dark.
E. Small & Corny
F. Sticky alcohol poop... had to wipe a lot!
G. Gross
H. Short because i was afraid someone would walk in. Only one squeeze and a hurried flush. No one likes to walk in on a plopper!
I. It was therapeautic! It cleaned my soul.
J. Right before lunch on the 14th floor. It was a runny one sorta like diarhea. It free flowed right outta my ass with the slightest push. I had to wipe extra good and get outta there, because the cleaning lady was banging on the door!!